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Click here for information on what our classes at ELDOA The Woodlands entail and how they can benefit you

COrporate wellness & local workshops

For information on how ELDOA The Woodlands can visit you at you place of business or set up seminars at your local facility or fitness center click here


Many people need a one-on-one approach to health and fitness, click here to find out if one-on-one training with an ELDOA The Woodlands coach is right for you

Manual therapy

For those who have a hard time exercising due to limitations in movement or excessive pain, manual therapy may be the best course of action getting you on your way to better physical health

Holistic lifestyle coaching

For those unable to attend training or classes but still in need of assistance with nutrition, movement and lifestyle our online and phone-based coaching service is recommended


As with all forms of physical exercise it is important that anyone interested in attending ELDOA The Woodlands Classes first be cleared for physical activity by their healthcare practitioner and/or doctor. If you are new to ELDOA and are suffering from acute or chronic pain it is important that you arrive early to discus the symptoms of your pain with the class instructor. Although the classes are designed for everyone, there may be specific adjustments required for you depending on your conditions.

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