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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If ELDOA is so great why haven’t I heard of it before? 


Answer: There are currently less than 50 certified ELDOA coaches in the United States. Becoming certified is a multi-year process that requires a rigorous amount of studying and testing. In short, it’s difficult to become a coach. This is a good thing because if you are working with an ELDOA certified instructor,you know you are in good hands. 


Question: Does ELDOA replace my current exercise program? 


Answer: ELDOA does not have to replace your exercise program although it can and does for many. For most, it allows them to look at the way that have been exercising through a new more educated lens, and make adjustments.


Question: I’m not an athlete, can ELDOA help me? 


Answer: Absolutely, ELDOA does not discriminate! It is healthy for anyone and everyone can participate at varying degrees. If you are tired, ELDOA. In pain? ELDOA. Not flexible? ELDOA. Weak? ELDOA. Need better sleep? ELDOA. Stressed? ELDOA. 


Question: I am an athlete. What can ELDOA do for me?


Answer: ELDOA is THE perfect recovery tool for athletes! ELDOA will make you stronger and more limber as well as improve athleticism by increasing the mind body connection. Not only should every type of athlete participate in ELDOA, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t. Come try out ELDOA The Woodlands and see why ELDOA is the best restorative tool out there.



Question: I’m a golfer. Can ELDOA help with my swing? 


Answer: ELDOA is a golfer’s best friend. Golf is a very challenging sport for the pelvis and spine. Year after year we see golfers getting injured, and the worst part is the injuries aren’t just happening to the older seasoned golfers with years of swinging under their belt. It’s happening even to the young golfers. The constant violent rotation of the spine in the swing can damage the joints and tissue tremendously. ELDOA allows restoration of posture and decompression of the spine to allow for more rotational movement and a more powerful swing, as well a body that can stay injury free so that you can keep playing the sport you love. 


Question : I am pregnant. Can I do ELDOA?


Answer: ELDOA can be performed when pregnant. ELDOA is a restorative exercise that allows for decompression, pain relief, increased blood flow, normalization of hormones and strength gain. All things that pregnant women need. We highly recommend working one-on-one with a coach at ELDOA The Woodlands so that closer personal attention can be given.



Question: I have had back surgery. Can I do ELDOA? 


Answer: We highly recommend ELDOA to post-surgical patients for recovery purposes, as well as to pre-surgical patients who will need the support musculature and strength to help them remain pain free and avoid complications due to imbalances after surgery. We recommend working one-on-one with a coach at ELDOA The Woodlands for the fastest, safest and most efficient results. 


Question: Without all the scientific mumbo jumbo, how does ELDOA work?


Answer: By standing upright our spines are in a constant fight with gravity. That is why as we get older we tend to hunch and we lose space in between our vertebra. Practicing ELDOA trains our body to be strong in an upright posture and strengthens the muscles at each segment of our spine so that we remain tall and decompressed. A healthy spine allows for optimal blood flow, organ health, flexibility, strength, digestion and many more things!

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