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DR. Amanda Myres

"David is an expert in functional anatomy and his knowledge of biomechanics is key to his ability to accurately diagnose disorders.  I was already active and working out, but I wanted a functional mobility specialist instead of a standard personal trainer.  I was so fortunate to find David!  My goals were to improve my cardiovascular capacity and breathing as I struggle with frequent respiratory infections and pulmonary fibrosis,  as well as generally gain strength without injuring myself.  My sacroiliac dysfunction has almost disappeared,  and my breathing is tremendously better with the targeted respiratory exercises, ELDOA's, and manual therapy.  Overall I'm in much better health and feel amazing!"

Sandy Gronberg

"I don’t feel like I could possibly say enough good things about David. If I were to sit here and list everything I’d like to say, I would be writing a novel, not a review.  David has completely transformed my life and how I view being fit and healthy.  My energy, focus, confidence, strength, physique, health, heck even my career, are all due to the lifestyle changes he instilled in me and continues to grow.  He's a game changer in the world of health and fitness.  He genuinely finds joy in helping people and His knowledge of the body is mind-blowing to say the least.  With David, its not just about being “fit” it’s about getting your body to optimum health from the inside out.  As a lifter, with various body deviations, he has saved my spine and hips on multiple occasions. He also spends the time to give me the knowledge and tools I need to prevent injury.  I am very grateful and couldn't do what I do without him.  My body is amazing, it’s strong, healthy and I love it.  I would highly recommend him and ELDOA The Woodlands to absolutely EVERYONE!!!!"


Christopher Osborne

"I’ve been training with David for nearly a year now. A life long athlete now 58 I was in need of an ‘overhaul” to restore flexibility, reestablish a strong core, and return to a training and nutrition regimen that could easily be incorporated into my busy schedule.

Thanks to David that has been accomplished. His approach was thoughtful and intelligent as he assessed where I was at that the time we began. The workouts were carefully constructed to progressively increase my flexibility, build core strength and spinal stability. His nutritional counseling has helped me make a few changes to my diet and help me build lean muscle mass and lose about 20 # over an extended period. David also introduced the ELDOA stretching methodology into my routine. Challenging as it is, it provides a tremendous element to my workouts and combats lower back discomfort (have dealt with herniated disc for years) and tight hip flexors from cycling.

David takes his practice seriously. Spend any time with him and you realize very quickly he is a student of his health exercise physiology and knows his stuff. Very professional and if you are willing to do the work, delivers results."

Rod gold

"David, I want to thank you for everything you have done to improve my health on a daily basis. I no longer suffer from lower back pain thanks to your knowledge and expertise.  While ELDOA can be challenging I appreciate how supportive and encouraging you are as well as the comfortable environment you create. Because of you I am able to maintain a consistent pain- free exercise program. You are a great example of true wellness and performance."

Gail Osborne

"I have been training with David for the past 6 months. I was suffering from spinal discomfort and recuperating from neck surgery. My husband (David’s client) had suggested I begin training with David to initiate a progressive rehab program to return strength and flexibility to my neck, spine, and overall core. David’s approach was thoughtful and carefully administered to bring me back to fitness. My neck and back pain is significantly reduced and I’m am clearly on the path to being pain free. I am definitely getting stronger and the nutritional advice has improved my dietary choices, drop 15# and return to a leaner physique. I enjoy the training sessions and look forward to each week’s improvement. As long as I am willing to do the work, David’s counsel and program delivers results and provides a doable guide to healthy living."

Rachel skinner

"I started working with David after a car accident that left me with a lot of pain in my neck, back and hips. 

David identified what areas I needed to work on specifically in order to lower the amount of pain I was in. Working with David had significantly lowered my pain and has been beneficial in overall strengthening and helping prevent future injuries and pain 

David is extremely knowledgeable in his line of work and has a great personality that makes working with enjoyable."

Tasha Proske

"Over the years, I have seen David positively impact many by applying his knowledge and expertise of the human body and movement.  His curiosity and the pursuit of mastering his craft offers assurance of his passion and purpose, but the results he achieves for his clients are what build credibility and keep people coming back.  I have experienced these benefits mostly from a place of health aiming to get stronger or achieve a goal, but most recently after a car accident, David has helped by assigning stretches to re-strengthen affected areas, which has helped tremendously.  After attending his Eldoa classes, I sleep better, feel less pain, and credit an accelerated recovery to his methods.  Whether looking to enhance overall health or address a specific issue, with the suite of many tools David has experience in to offer, he can help accomplish any goal."

Hema Burnett

"Knowledgeable. Professional. Highly skilled. Supportive. Enthusiastic. Safe. Strong. Motivating. Compassionate. Easy-going.

The Woodlands & surrounding areas have an abundance of personal trainers & fitness professionals. When I began my last search, I was looking for a personal partner in my journey to get much stronger & toned while losing weight via an overall holistic approach. I have a long history of back, neck and knee issues & needed someone with extensive knowledge of the mechanics of the human body. In the time I’ve worked with David, my regularity of back pain has reduced substantially and my general overall health practices have steadily improved. David’s skill set is extensive and he is continually learning more to further support his clients. In addition to the technical knowledge, equally important for me was finding someone with an innately beautiful heart!

I am grateful to have found my perfect health and wellness partner in David Gentile. Whatever your health/fitness goal, David can help you achieve it!"

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