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Group Classes

What to Expect from a ELDOA The Woodlands Classes 


As with all forms of physical exercise it is important that anyone interested in attending ELDOA The Woodlands Classes first be cleared for physical activity by their healthcare provider. If you are new to ELDOA and are suffering from acute or chronic pain it is important that you arrive early to discuss the symptoms of your pain with the class instructor. Although the classes are designed for everyone, there may be specific adjustments required for you depending on your conditions.

The ELDOA The Woodlands Classes are 60 minutes (unless otherwise specified), form focused, and open for people of all levels. Anyone wanting to experience the full benefits of the ELDOA is encouraged to regularly attend these classes. All you will need is a towel, a bottle of water and a yoga mat. Classes ALWAYS start on time. Anyone arriving after the warm up will be turned away due to the principles of warming up, and out of respect for the other participants.


The ELDOA The Woodlands Classes include:

  •  Proper warm up respecting the biomechanics of the joints and spine

  •  Rotation of Myofascial Stretches according to fascial chain relations

  •  Series of ELDOAs varying in progressions and intensity

  •  Cool down including normalization of the gravity line 

All newcomers are welcome to attend one ELDOA The Woodlands Class free of charge to experience the benefits of the ELDOAs and Myofascial Stretches for themselves. All sessions thereafter must be paid for per class, or at a greatly reduced price by purchasing one of our class packages.

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