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Coaches of ELDOA The Woodlands

David Gentile has been an active health and fitness professional for 11 years . He has studied with some of the most well known and forward thinking minds in the industry. These include the likes of Paul Chek, Guy Voyer DO, Thomas Myers, Wim Hof, Scott Saunen and other elite fitness and holistic health coaches and specialists. David has expanded upon his classical education by perusing the most knowledgeable educators in the industry and diving into their work. 


He holds the following certifications:


  • Certified ELDOA Trainer

  • Certified Myofascial Stretching coach

  • CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach Level 2 

  • CHEK Practitioner Level 3 

  • CHEK GOLF biomechanics specialist 

  • SOMA GOLF trainer 

  • SOMA GOLF therapist 

  • Elite Coaching Academy Exercise Therapist 

  • CST tactical fitness and clubbell specialist 

  • Strong First Kettlebell level 2 

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine corrective exercise specialist 

  • National academy of sports medicine performance enhancement specialist 

  • Certified Physical Preparation specialist 

  • Neurokinetic Therapist 

Matt Winters is a certified ELDOA trainer with a degree in psychology and a specialization in sports psychology. He is a certified SOMA Golf Trainer and Therapist specializing in training and techniques developed by Dr. Guy Voyer. He holds multiple TPI certifications and specializes in training and treating golfers to improve performance on and off the course. He's worked with many high-level golfers, both professional and amateur, and along with David Gentile, he is one of only two SOMA Golf-trained manual therapist and exercise coaches in Texas. His philosophy centers around helping the body maintain and find balance while helping of all ages and abilities achieve their optimum performance and health.

Amanda Myres, MD is a physician as well as a certified ELDOA trainer who discovered the ELDOA method after looking for a program beyond the usual personal training, weight lifting, and cardio programs found at big box gyms.  A cancer survivor left with the aftermath of chemotherapy and radiation, she struggled with frequent respiratory infections and pulmonary fibrosis among other ailments.  After working with David for several months doing ELDOA as well as manual therapy and a personal program, a year had passed and she hadn't had a single serious respiratory infection. This was the first time in ten years! She believed in the program so much she decided to complete the training herself and became a certified ELDOA trainer so she could share with as many people as she can reach. She now enjoys regular ELDOA practice and her favorite activities of traveling and hiking are more rewarding now that she can breathe and move freely.

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