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Corporate Wellness & Local Workshops

Want ELDOA The Woodlands to visit your place of business?

Poor posture in the work environment causes a deflation of energy and a lack of productivity. Understanding ergonomics is essential for the health of employees as well as encouraging positivity and increasing total work output. ELDOA The Woodlands provides workshops that are both fun and healthy for everyone involved. Staff members who participate in these workshops learn techniques they can use every day to reduce stress, decrease pain and come to work with a sense of well-being.  Coaches from ELDOA The Woodlands have experience presenting and hosting seminars for major companies, professional and semi-professional sports teams, gyms and coaching staff, and high school and college athletic teams and clubs. 


ELDOA The Woodlands is also happy to offer our services to local fitness centers that would like to do something special for their clientele by hosting wellness workshops where we teach the ELDOA to your staff and clients.


Workshops generally last 1-2 hours but can be customized to fit the needs of your group. 


Contact us today by clicking the link below to get started! 

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